Have Mercy

Have mercy on the thieves who steal cars and rob homes. Have mercy on the thieves who pocket the extra change given to them accidentally by the diverted cashier.


Have mercy on the atheist mocking religion. Have mercy on the religious, distracted by routine.

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Back to Kenya

I know God has been calling me to return, and I am determined to NOT let this bump in the road concerning funding shatter the peace that I have in knowing that this is what I am supposed to do. When fear strikes me and I begin to wonder how this is going to all work out, I am reminded that I am not in control and I might fail sometimes, but He never will.

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Call us Ugly to Make a Profit

Hollywood and the Music Industries’ lack of body diversity have also been well documented. Ultimately, “beautiful” people are big business for these industries, which sell fantasy by making people feel bad about themselves. Whether its beauty, glamour or sex, ads are designed to make people feel both that they are missing out and that they don’t have to be, so long as they buy X and Y product.

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